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While many of us look forward to celebrating the fireworks season (which now continues until the New Year) it can be a very different story for our pets! The loud bangs and pops can have our dogs quivering in the corner!

Signs to look out for include:

- Ears back

- Excessive panting

- Drooling

- Shaking

- Hiding away

- Barking excessively

- Messing in the house

Firework fears are very common in dogs and can range from mild to extreme. If they are not dealt with quickly they can get worse over time and be very difficult to resolve.

Does your dog have a fear of fireworks? You can find out by answering a few simple questions.

Follow the link below to a survey created by Jon Bowen and Jaume Fatjo (Vet specialists in behaviour). Once completed it will tell you how severe your dog's problem is and also give you advice on what to do next.

If your dog is really affected by fireworks, we recommend consulting your vet or local accredited behaviourist for help and advice.


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