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Son of Zeus


Number of Shots: 108

Duration: 75s

Noise level: Medium

Effect Type: TBC

Tube Size: Mixed

Category: F3

Classification: 1.4g

Safety Distance: 25m

N.E.C: 996g


Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!


Prepare to be enthralled by the sheer magnificence of the Son of Zeus, a single ignition firework with an astonishing twist. This is not your ordinary barrage; it's an extraordinary pyrotechnic masterpiece that promises to leave a lasting imprint on your memory. With a staggering 108 shots, Son of Zeus is a pyrotechnic marvel that combines artistry and innovation to deliver an experience like no other.


Son of Zeus is a true spectacle of diversity and creativity, boasting an array of remarkable features that set it apart from the rest. Within its 108 shots, it seamlessly weaves together five different firing patterns, each a unique dance of lights and colours. But that's not all—Son of Zeus also presents over ten different effects, each more dazzling than the last and a plethora of vibrant colours that paint the night sky in a vivid tapestry of wonder.


As the name suggests, the Son of Zeus is no ordinary firework; it's a divine creation that is perfectly suited for a grand finale or as a show-stopping centrepiece in a larger display. Its versatility and unmatched value for money make it a true all-rounder in the world of pyrotechnics.


This single ignition barrage (SIB) doesn't just deliver a stunning performance; it tells a story of celestial grandeur that unfolds over 75 seconds of pure exhilaration. With mixed bores that reach up to the maximum of 30mm, Son of Zeus is not just a popular choice for a finale piece; it's a star player that seamlessly integrates into larger and more elaborate displays.


What truly makes the Son of Zeus shine is its ability to do it all. It effortlessly combines five distinct firing patterns with a myriad of effects and a kaleidoscope of colours. The result is a breathtaking firework that exudes the brilliance and professionalism of a professional display, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking a pyrotechnic experience that transcends expectations.


In summary, Son of Zeus is more than just a firework; it's a celestial symphony that tells a story of awe and wonder. With its remarkable diversity and captivating effects, it stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of pyrotechnic artistry. Whether you choose it for a grand finale or to steal the spotlight in a larger display, Son of Zeus promises to create memories that will forever illuminate the night sky of your recollections.

Son of Zeus

£149.99 Regular Price
£99.99Sale Price
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