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Neon Nites


Number of Shots: 100

Duration: 50s

Noise level: Low

Effect Type: Mixed

Tube Size: 20mm

Category: F2

Classification: 1.4g

Safety Distance: 25m

N.E.C: 638g

Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!


Neon Nites is an exceptional 100-shot barrage that brings the magic of fireworks to life with a twist—it's designed for those who prefer a lower noise level in their displays while still enjoying a captivating performance. This makes it an excellent choice for events where you want the brilliance of fireworks without the loud bangs.


Prepare to be dazzled by the remarkable range of mixed effects that Neon Nites has to offer. From bursts of multi-coloured swimming fish and sparkling silver glitter to the graceful descent of silver comets, this firework ensures a dynamic and visually stunning show. But the grand finale is what truly sets Neon Nites apart, a flurry of gold horsetails that will leave you and your audience in awe.


Neon Nites is your go-to option when you're looking for a grand finale that's a bit quieter but no less spectacular. This 100-shot low-noise single ignition barrage is a true delight for those seeking a serene yet stunning spectacle. Imagine the night sky adorned with a magnificent fusion of fish, falling leaves, and multi-coloured stars, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of hues. And just when you think it couldn't get any better, brace yourself for the awe-inspiring silver tails finale that will leave you breathless.


In summary, Neon Nites offers a unique twist on traditional fireworks displays, providing a lower noise level without compromising on the beauty and excitement of the show. It's the perfect choice for garden firework parties or any event where you want to enjoy a quality low-noise display. Don't miss the chance to experience the serene grandeur of Neon Nites at your next celebration.

Neon Nites

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£59.99Sale Price
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