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Moon Shot


10 rockets to a plastic bag and header

Please note contents may vary.


Number of Shots: 1/10

Duration: N/A

Noise level: Medium

Effect Type:

1. Blue + gold strobe
2. Green + red strobe
3. Red + white strobe
4. Purple + crackling
5. Yellow + time rain

Tube Size: N/A

Category: F2

Safety Distance: 8m

N.E.C: 14g


Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!


Introducing Primeds Moon Shot Rocket Pack, a compact yet powerful collection of 10 rockets that pack a punch! These rockets are anything but ordinary, featuring a dynamic mix of colors and effects that will light up the night sky and leave your audience in awe.

Each rocket in this pack offers a unique visual spectacle, including blue stars that transition to gold and silver glitter, green stars accompanied by red strobe effects, red stars bursting with silver glitter, and purple stars that culminate in silver crackling brilliance. With such a diverse range of effects, these rockets are sure to add excitement and variety to your fireworks display.


Don't be deceived by their size; these rockets may be small, but they are the equivalent of a heavyweight champion in the world of pyrotechnics. Get ready to launch these pint-sized killers and witness a fireworks show that defies expectations. Order your Primed Flash Rocket Pack today and prepare to be amazed by their explosive performance!



Moon shot

£25.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price
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