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Mega Rocket Pack




2 x King-Dom Rocket Pack

2 x Metal Worriers Rocket Pack

2 x Rocking Robots  Rocket Pack

2 x KO  Rocket Pack

2 x War Hawk  Rocket Pack

6 x Sherika

6 x King Reborn


The Mega Rocket Pack is the ultimate fireworks package for an unforgettable celebration. This pack includes 10 different rocket packs, including the powerful King-Dom and Metal Worriers, the whimsical Rocking Robots, and the explosive KO and War Hawk. With 6 Sherika and 6 King Reborn fireworks also included, you'll have everything you need for a spectacular display. This pack is perfect for those looking to amp up their fireworks game and impress their guests with a truly epic show. Order yours today and get ready to light up the night sky

Mega Rocket Pack

£1,390.00 Regular Price
£500.00Sale Price
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