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Game Changer


Number of Shots: 200

Duration: 170s

Noise level: Loud

Effect Type: TBC

Tube Size: 30mm

Category: F3

Classification: 1.3g

Safety Distance: 25m

N.E.C: 3940g


Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!


Introducing the Game Changer: a spectacular 200-shot compound firework that combines four high-impact fireworks into one awe-inspiring display. With the convenience of pre-fusion, you only need to light it once to witness a stunning show filled with incredible effects and vibrant colours, a fantastic addition to elevating your fireworks display.


The Game Changer is not just a firework; it's a revolutionary 200-shot, 4-cake barrage that made its debut in 2018. It's the biggest and loudest firework of the year, featuring four cakes, each with 50 shots. These barrages offer a dynamic range of firing patterns, including full flash, straight, Z, and fan firing, ensuring a mesmerizing experience for your spectators.

This is our most massive, weightiest, and loudest compound firework to date. True to its name, the Game Changer takes consumer fireworks to a whole new level. With vibrant colours, diverse firing patterns, full flash bursts, breathtaking pace, and a nearly 3-minute duration, this compound rivals professional display products. It's a "must-have" addition to your fireworks collection.


In summary, the Game Changer is a groundbreaking firework that promises a spectacular show with its 200 shots and four unique cakes. Its vibrant colours, dynamic firing patterns, and incredible duration set it apart as a game-changer in the world of consumer fireworks. Don't miss the opportunity to add this extraordinary compound to your collection and elevate your fireworks display to new heights.

Game Changer

£349.99 Regular Price
£299.99Sale Price
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