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Bellini & Wilda are two of the hardest-hitting 50-shot barrages available. Now on their own, they pack a punch, but if we are honest, they are made for each other, and when you pair them up, you will get to see the magic! These two barrages are so complementary that watching them work together will make you gasp in awe. They will also make you blind and deaf, something to annoy the neighbours. These barrages are 1.3G and have very similar structures but completely different effects! We have smashed the £150 rrp and offer them both for £90!



Number of Shots: 50 each

Duration: 45 each

Noise level: High

Effect Type: Mixed

Tube Size: Mixed

Category: F3

Classification: 1.3g

Safety Distance: 25m



Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!

Bellin & Wilda

£150.00 Regular Price
£60.00Sale Price
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