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Aerial Assault Selection box


22 Fireworks!

  • 14 Rockets
  • 1 Fountain
  • 3 Barrages
  • 2 Roman Candles
  • 2 Single Shot Barrages


Number of Shots: Mixed

Duration: N/A

Noise level: Low

Effect Type: Mixed

Tube Size: Mixed

Category: F2

Classification: 1.4g

Safety Distance: 8m

N.E.C: 170g


Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!


Introducing our vibrant and family-friendly selection box, perfect for creating cherished memories with the younger members of your family. Designed with their safety and enjoyment in mind, this selection box is aptly named, as it's bursting with colourful fountains, candles, and barrages that produce enchanting effects while keeping noise to an absolute minimum. Rest assured, there are no startling bangs to disrupt the merriment.


With 22 fireworks included, this selection offers an extensive variety of entertainment options. It's the ideal choice if you simply want to gaze up at the night sky and relish the spectacular display. This pack features an array of barrages, Roman candles, rockets, and shots, guaranteeing a superb aerial show that fills the sky with a breathtaking blend of vibrant colours and captivating noise.


In summary, our family-oriented selection box offers a delightful and noise-conscious fireworks experience. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or creating magical moments, this selection box is sure to provide endless joy while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all family members, especially the younger ones.



Aerial Assault Selection Box

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