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Rainbow Paradise


Number of Shots: 60

Duration: 25s

Noise level: Loud

Effect Type: blood red bouquet , green dahlia bouquet sky blue dahlia bouquet , blood red dahlia , green dahlia, sky blue dahlia.

Tube Size: 30mm

Category: F3

Safety Distance: 25m

N.E.C: 984g


Please take a look at the product video to see it in action!


Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting beauty of "Rainbow Paradise" by Evolution Fireworks. This compound firework is not just a show; it's a mesmerizing journey into a world of vibrant hues and breathtaking effects that will leave you in awe.


Rainbow Paradise boasts a semipro effect that sets the stage for a visual masterpiece. Brightly colored mine lifts ignite the sky, creating a sense of anticipation that leads to the grand reveal.


As if summoned by magic, the night sky blooms with multicolored peonies that break wide and far, painting the canvas above with an explosion of colors that dance in harmony.

Brace yourself for a unique treat as the peonies fan out, creating a stunning pattern that's as beautiful as it is mesmerizing. It's like the universe itself is putting on a captivating light show just for you.


Rainbow Paradise is more than a firework; it's a work of art that turns the night into a canvas of wonder. Perfect for celebrations of all kinds, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between, this compound firework promises an unforgettable experience.

Don't miss out on the chance to turn your event into a paradise of colors and lights. Order Rainbow Paradise now and prepare to be dazzled by a symphony of visual splendor that will leave your guests speechless.

Rainbow Paradise

£165.00 Regular Price
£99.99Sale Price
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