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Huge Rocket Pack




1 x King-Dom Rocket Pack

1 x Metal Worriers Rocket Pack

1 x Rocking Robots  Rocket Pack

1 x KO  Rocket Pack

1 x War Hawk  Rocket Pack

3 x Sherika

3 x King Reborn


Introducing our Huge Rocket Pack, perfect for anyone who wants to light up the sky with a spectacular fireworks display. This pack includes five different rocket packs, each with its own unique set of fireworks. With the King-Dom, Metal Worriers, Rocking Robots, KO, and War Hawk rocket packs, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. The pack also includes three Sherika and three King Reborn rockets for an even bigger bang. Don't settle for a boring fireworks show - go big with our Huge Rocket Pack.

Huge Rocket Pack

£695.00 Regular Price
£275.00Sale Price
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