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Pandora's Box has been opened, unleashing all the world's sins in an array of colour, noise, and crackles across the night sky!

This quality cake from Bright Star really is stunning, you get a proper single ignition firework that lasts well over a minute and does a little bit of everything. You've got a kaleidoscope of colour firing both fanned and straight and it's a 1.3G firework so you know you'll be getting noise.

For me the best part of Pandora's Box is when you get this HUGE rapid firing fanned break effect unleashing gold willows accompanied by blue and red pearls left and right in a ‘Z' firing pattern just creating a wall of fireworks.

All that I can say s congratulations for finding this piece of pyrotechnic wizardry, you will not regret including one of these in your display.


Pandoras box - ideal as a stand-alone piece or as part of a bigger display!


(A) 9 shot red tail burst stars with green glitter.
(B) 9 shot purple tail burst stars with green glitter.
(C) 9 shot gold tail bursts with gold glitter.
(D) 12 shot silver tail burst with white glitter.
(E) 28 shot brocade tail burst crown with red glitter.
(F) 29 shot brocade tail burst crown with blue stars


Number of Shots: 96

Duration: 60 seconds

Noise level: High

Effect Type: Straight and Fanned

Tube Size: 20mm

Category: F3

Classification: 1.3g

Safety Distance:25m


Take a look at the product video to see it in action!

Pandora's box

£119.99 Regular Price
£60.00Sale Price
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