The Heist Barrage Pack in the Skycrafter range from Brothers Pyrotechnics contains 13 multi-shot aerial fireworks ranging from 12 to 50 shots. The Heist Barrage Pack contains 1 x 50 shot, 4 x 25 shot, 2 x 16 shot and 6 x 12 shot. With The Heist Barrage Pack being in the Skycrafter range you get an awful lot of fireworks for your money compared to many brands, however, as these fireworks are by Brothers Pyrotechnics you are also getting high-quality fireworks.

The Heist Barrage Pack would make an ideal basis for a mixed display. Add some rockets, fountains and even Catherine Wheels if you wish and you'd have everything you need for good display.

The Heist Barrage Pack has been tested for viewing at a minimum distance of 8m and as they all shoot their effects vertically it is suitable if you don't have a particularly wide firing area, this is the best barrage package we have ever seen!


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£185.00Sale Price